Champions of Magic Comes To The Broadway Palm




We get a lot of calls and emails asking when and where we will be doing public performances here in Naples or Fort Myers. The truth is although I have been a magician here in Southwest Florida, the vast majority of our comedy, magic, and illusion shows are for private events, corporate events, and cruise ship locations.  When we do take over a theater for a week it's usually not here in Naples or Fort Myers, but anywhere from Nashville to Orlando to Los Angeles.  Sadly, our performance schedule hasn't allowed us to do many public shows close to home.  

Performance in Music City

From being a magician at corporate events at the Naples Ritz Carlton to private events at the Marco Island Marriot to our full stage show across Naples, Fort Myers, and cruise ships and events across the country, this year has brought us performing at all sorts of occasions. However, every couple of years, my Alma Mater follows our career and asks us to come and perform our comedy illusion show for the student body.


Evans' Chosen to be on the Cover of the International FCM




I'd just like to thank the International FCM for choosing my wife and I to be on the cover of their magazine.  They did a fantastic feature talking about our new show, "Impossibly Funny", that is being featured on cruises, at corporations, and private events not only in Naples, but across the United States.  This is particularly special to me as this was the first organization which I started to learn magic at the age of 8 years old. 

The Magic of Christmas




The Christmas season is upon us and that means 'Tis the season for stage shows!  Being a comedy magician this time of the year, is really what it's all about.  Whether we are performing magic at a counrty club or a corporate banquet, people always seem to be in the best of moods.  In December alone, we have over 50 shows booked across Naples and Southwest Florida as far down as Key West.  This season, we are keeping national travel to a minimum so we are able to perform more in the Sunshine State.  Also, up north they have this odd frozen white stuff that falls from the sky.  It's really uncomfortable.  If you are still looking for a show this season, give us a call and we would love to work with you!

Magician of Naples' Most Unusual 4 Card Monte


As I do more and more comedy magic, the fascination is always there by clients for the old school, straight slight of hand style of magic.  I was contacted by a corporation about participating in a Las Vegas magic night here in Naples.  They wanted the night to feature my close-up table side magic as well as tables with dealers where they can play everything from Texas Hold 'Em to Blackjack.  It's something that I do quite often, although for obvious reasons I don't deal the cards myself.  :) 

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